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Our heat blankets are constructed from AMI-TUF STYLE SGL3200 which is a 32oz fiberglass base fabric which has been coated with a special formulated silicone rubber compound, which provides the material with a canvas like texture to hold up against abrasion, puncture, and tear resistance to the base fiberglass fabric.


This heavy duty silicone coated fiberglass fabric provides greater life, and repels water and oil while providing low smoke and flame retardancy. Although the base fabrics have a temperature rating of up to 1000 degrees F to 1200 degrees F continuous operating temperature, the silicone coated fiberglass cloth has a temperature rated at 500 degrees F on a continuous bases.


The filler for our blankets is a 100% select grade TYPE E glass fibers needled together into mat form, it is processed in such a way to maximize thermal efficiency. It is non-respirable, incombustible, asbestos free and contains no resinous or organic binders.


This material has been tested and conforms to Mil-DTL-24244D(SH) USCG Subpart 164.009, ASTM E84 industry standards and NRC 1.36. It has a melting point of 1523 degrees F its maximum temperature is 1200 degrees F and a continuous range of 1000 degrees F.

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